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xcave is a cellar manager. I mean a software to allow you to view and manage the contents of a wine cellar. The software is available for linux only - the 'wine' referred to here, is for drinking, nothing to do with Windows emulator.


a Wine cellar manager,

a Graphical representation of the cellar. The rack number and rack dimensions can be changed,

a Many fields are predetermined depending on the appellation,

a Stock data or information about a specific wine can be printed,

a Tasting notes and comments,

a xml structure for the stock file,

a Colour differences calculated by vintage and time stored in cellar,

a Different sorting and presentation options - by maturity, name, vintage (year), producer and quantity. 


xcave is distributed with GPL, available for Linux only.


xcave 2.3.2

a bug fixed ( price on purchase line after double click,
a region force
a code cleanup
a procedure simplification for wine copy.
a Add appellation for region CENTRE

xcave 2.3.1

a resized and used of the degustation sheet window.
a bug fixed (crash) in printing mode thru a web browser if the numer of available
place int the racks ins greather than the number of bottle in
the list_stock
a bug fix in rack window
a End of the compatibility with release older than 2.2.0

xcave 2.3.0

New functionnalities :
a Degustation sheet management.

xcave 2.2.8

New functionnalities :
a Duplicating existing wine
aModify and suppress existing purchase and drinking line
aSize different for rack

xcave 2.2.6 - Jeanot

aCompilation warning in xcave_xmlread.c & xcave_xmlwrite.c
aCorrected a few bugs giving rise to message warning in the console.
aAdding AOC Pouilly-Fuissé.
aFew mistakes about Beaujolais AOC .

xcave 2.2.4

a Bug correction 'UTF8toisolat1'.
aCorrection for compatibility with gcc 4.

xcave 2.2.1

aVisualization and impression, of the contents of the cellar and the racks where are arranged the bottles, through an internet browser.

xcave 2.2.0


aThe principal one and single evolution for this version consists of a change of structure for the file stock, which is now with the format xml. The existing file is automatically converted following the addition or the modification of an already existing wine. backup your your stock file in its initial version before to install this release.


xcave 2.1.0


aAdd rack view - button 'racks' on main windows.
aAccentuation problem in French release.
aOptimization of the initial xcave state - display is faster.
aTon of bugs

xcave 2.0.0


The most important improvement concerning this release is related to the support of GTK2, and mainly concern the rewriting of the tree management.

a xcave move from GTK1.x to GTK2.0.

a Improvement of Appellation management for foreign country (all but FRANCE). Means that Appellation is not straigth linked with a Region. Cabernet-Sauvignon is an Appellation for Argentina and it's produced almost everywhere (this is not allowed by French laws).

amanagement of sensitivity for main window

Number of wine racks is limited to 20, and number of raw and column to 100. But be aware, that configuring an important number of rack, should make xcave hearty eater of memory and cpu ressources.

Help is welcome for translate, just copy po/en.po in po/de.po (or use special binary – msginit - from gettext package to do the stuff). Make the translation inside the new file and send it me at xcave@free.fr


a 64bits architecture support


Have a look at Gwine